An event for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing & their families!

An event for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing & their families!

An event for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing & their families! An event for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing & their families!

2019 Keynote Speaker

Jonah Berger

Jonah Berger is originally from Maryland and has lived in Denver for 20 years with his wife Megan and baby daughter Amelia.  He runs a business called the Rhythm Within directing summer camp, motivational speaking, and working with the disabled community.  Speaker, author, and Musician who loves connecting with people to share wisdom and learn to find strength in the weakest of places.  Jonah has worked with Children's Hospital of Denver's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Department for years and is so excited to come to Michigan to present as he and his family are moving to Lansing in May.

Keynote Presentation

Parenting With Ability: Jonah Berger

A discussion on parenting a child with unique challenges. Jonah talks about his disability and how he was parented, and how the techniques used by his parents have led to some of his greatest accomplishments as an adult.  Interactive, personal, uplifting!

Panel Presentations


Parent Panel

3 Parents share their experiences raising their children. From communication choices, to resources and strategies that helped.  We believe in the wisdom among us!

Teen Panel

What do kids really think about hearing loss/deafness?  From the insightful to the funny, these teens will tell it like it is.


Breakout Sessions


Session A: Steps of Educational Planning for All Ages: Gathering Data & Sharing Input

Advocating for your child can be confusing!  Learn how to prepare for your child's IFSP, IEP, or section 504 plan.  Representatives from Michigan Department of Education - Low Incidence Outreach will share the resources that can help! 


Session B: The extended Family Matters Too! How grandparents, uncles, aunts, and others support the child

All your family members won't fit into the audiologist booth, so it's sometimes hard for everyone to understand the child's needs.  Bring them to this session, or take back strategies to get everyone on the same page.   A short explanation of Hearing Loss/Deafness will be followed by stories from Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults.  


Session c: Accessibility Solutions: At School and After School.

Things are going fine, until you hit a snag.  How do you make sure your child gets full access to what's happening in the classroom?  And what about those after school activities?  Laws and strategies will be covered.


Session D: The importance of touch for children with combined hearing and vision loss.

 Children with multi-sensory losses have reduced access to incidental learning, environmental feedback, social cues, and often emotional ques. Very often, touch is considered taboo in American culture, but it can be a powerful tool for communicating with children that have vision and hearing loss. In this session, DeafBlind Central will highlight the importance of touch for children with multi-sensory losses, as well as discuss some specific techniques for providing communication access to children through the sense of touch.


Session E: Ask your everyday questions! Devices, Strategies, Parenting? We have you covered!

 Try out products designed to keep devices on a kid's head in our "Product Petting Zoo."  Talk with a Deaf/Hard of Hearing Guide about your child's behavior!  Discuss advocacy strategies with an Advocate!  Ask a teacher about ASL!  Walk-up format.


Wrap Up Session: The Rhythm Within

It's time for the whole family to come together for music and fun!  Jonah Berger will help the group find our sound in an interactive drumming and signing session as we laugh, play, and tap into the Rhythm Within!