An event for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing & their families!

An event for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing & their families!

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About the Event


Join us for a day of fun for the entire family! Kids who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, as well as their parents & siblings are invited to attend. Activities are planned for kids of all ages. Parent sessions are designed for both oral and manual communication modes.



Michigan Medicine Pediatric Audiology

Michigan Hands & Voices

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We focus on bolstering positive outcomes for our community by helping you to connect with other families who can relate, finding local community and advocacy resources, learning new stratagies for success, building your child's self-confidence, and more!

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What Parents are Saying about Family Matters!

"We Look forward to the conference every year! We always take home 2 or 3 key take-a-ways that are actionable. The tips we take home have been truly instrumental to giving our daughter the tools she needs to have access to language and communication."

"It's a time to connect to other families and realize that you are not alone, as well as to learn new ways to interact with our children and family. Thank you so much for the opportunities to get new tools to help us spport our children to be the best that they can be"

"Our daughter looks forward to this every year, and we do too! She counts down the days until she gets to see "Kids like me." She is the only kid with hearing loss in her school, and craves to spend time with other kids that have hearing loss. We have made life long friendships with other families who understand what we go through."

"This event means a lot to my family. It has helped me and my family to understand and to connect with so much more information and help than we had before. I know my daughter enjoys interacting with the other children that can relate too!"

"My husband and I left feeling so refreshed and energized. We had moments that we cried and moments that gave us more hope than we had ever had before.  We are in awe of this community of people that we had no idea existed, or how much both we and our children needed them."

"It was a wonderful feeling when our son said he had made lots of new friends, "friends just like me, mom!" Our eyes were opened in so many ways. This was such a great experience for us, and we can't wait to have more!"